An adventurous beginning!

     Hi you! You wonderful human being, who decided on the whim of a click to visit this humble place of imagination to share in my excitement of starting this blog. It’s truly an exciting adventure to share through this space all the things I’m curious, joyful, fearful, hopeful about, as well as inspired and permeated by, plus everything else in between to wherever it is that life’s path will take me.

     Adventures are not just heart-stopping, jaw-dropping events in our lives; they can be a book that melts our heart or scares us to into the deepest space under our covers at night, a recipe that you manage to cook with some trepidation and a result slightly resembling the picture on the cookbook without burning it to a crisp, a place visited for the first time when we see it with awe or revisit to explore with a different set of eyes, a career shift that would scare the bravest of souls or a move to an unknown place with a different culture and language, or even a hobby or craft that sets your soul on fire. Whichever adventure you consider yours, it can be exciting and scary, but wonderful nonetheless.

     I had a strong desire to train my ‘writing muscle’ and develop a strong writer’s voice, and I am finally allowing my inner monsters to play in the complicated depths of my mind, in hopes of finding all the words that can (hopefully!) become great posts, stories, poems, or dare I say, even a book or two. With that desire came the urgency to connect with other bloggers and writers, and book lovers or people who want to share in their own adventurous spirits, regardless of the path you have chosen to take. And who knows? Have fun while doing what I love for the sole purpose of creating at my hearts content, and that is a terribly exciting, nerve-wracking, stimulating adventure inside the writing world, with weekly posts and occasional poems or stories, and sporadic suggestions and interviews about inspiring people, who have entered this realm -seasoned writers as well as newcomers like me- bravely putting their work out there to share with the world.

     If anything, I hope to inspire others like me to take on their own adventure by the sleeve and pull it close to your heart without reservations.

     I thank you for joining me in this fascinating experience and ask you to share with me your own spectacular adventures.

    Check out my pages and follow for updates!



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