Flurries and flutters

And small singing fairies

That swim on the pond

Of sweet evermore

And countless minutia

Of countless fortnights

Those whisper the words

To the colorful sights


In so many reasons

There’s a reason to be

A newfound glory

For the soul to see

The quiet amazement

Of love that endures

Regardless of faces

In stoic demure



Fallen Creatures


Awash on the shore

With dreams of before

An ugly pale creature

That roamed in the core


One who denied me

The contentment of self

Sending soft beauty

To a lonesome unrest


Amidst the displacement

I found in the dew

The fallen have found

A deadly hollow pit


Despite all the efforts

In fear of the dawn

Nobody will rescue

A soul that is foul



Blowing Wind


A cool mild wind over my hand

A touch of sweet dew in the air

A mist of song reclaims its place

And bursting love of dance and lace


Another spring comes after thaw

And promises the green anew

Rejoice in life and all its gifts

And quiet sounds of night’s mystique


A brand new leap in a new realm

That soothes and qualms a broken shell

Without regarding forgotten runes

One sees the light inside and croons


A flower springs where nothing lived

Amazingly, despite impossibilities

A newfound hope creates the space

Where a true love will come and bathe






Fortitude is stronger than the will to survive.

It is based on the capabilities of a soul,

Not its tendencies or inclinations.

It is the tenaciousness of a being

Where, in failure and weakness,

Stands up, fueled by courage,

When the love has failed

And the winds have departed.


A truly persistent individual

Finds the strength needed

In the most beautiful and seemingly insignificant.

Not in vengeance but in compassion,

Not in vagueness but in dreams,

Not in ranting but in prose,

Not in chasms but in mountains,

And most importantly,

Not in swords but in wings.





A Stronger Heart


Renew your soul

Oh, tender heart

For liars broke

What broken was before.


A new strong day

Will sprout and do

What you just failed

To do by you.


If broke are you

Rejoice and say

That every moment

Was there to stay.

Dear heart of mine,

For once and all!

Reclaim your place

To be the best

Among the most






Of lines and dots

And things blown apart

A life has been seized

In a world that went dark


Of what lies behind

And what waits in front

Of the many feelings

Buried in dust


Of the curve of man

And the tryst of joys

Whose deferral states

Difficulty to trust


Of the many lives

We must assume

A new cycle springs

At the dawn of June





Freeing The Soul


She withered slowly, became empty shell

The world had crumbled beneath her feet

The waves of vastness crept and moored

The ship that sailed so long ago


She held so tight to the ones she loved

She disappeared beneath their sails

And drowned again as she had before

In the ship she built on deserted shore


Her death was storm

Her life was wind

Inside her carcass

Her soul remained


And a new wind blew

Her ashes gone

Her soul was freed

To live once more




Ring Of Blue


One too many, far too few,

Like a sieve to drain anew

By a comet on a string

With a reason to believe

In a heaven for unrest

Where the cherubs make a nest

For broken souls and mended hearts

And for lovers who depart


By the many, for the few,

Amidst a quiet ring of blue.

Woes and throws to congregate

For the ones who knelt and prayed

And made a person dead

Dancing to a master’s test


Out the many, in the few,

Who quietly hold out for more?

For worlds that crash cannot compare

To the galaxies within blue’s soul




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